The machine readable crooks and their robots must have seen the German announcement and the headline must have said "limitation" and they bought a google of bonds and sold a google of stocks at the market at 4:09 AM. Then apparently the gist of the story about accepting the ESM plan in full must have been read by the robots. And they sold a google of bonds and bought a google of stocks— this before any human had the announcement. Sometimes a crook tries to steal something and gets damaged with the good they tried to steal. I guess some second level mind games are played this way. Certainly second and third intentions in fencing as discussed by Nadi in his classic book "On Fencing" and the con where a confederate tells the mark on a train that he can read the other players cards and that he'll tell him about the marked cards so they can bet big and split the winnings. And then the confederate tells him the wrong card and the mark loses everything and he has no recourse because he was cheating by hoping that he could cheat the opponent– that comes to mind also. Happens a lot in stealing signals in sports also.

To make a long story short, the robots tried to steal from those who play by the rules as they usually do, with their access to a speed of light faster than the others– and instead of stealing from a certain personage who has a very good rule never to admit to making a profit under any circumstances, they did not relieve that personage of their usual allotment of chips. Quite the contrary. The "normal" where they prosper at slow moving personages like the one mentioned will doubtless soon occur on a much magnified scale.

I should add that in the old days if something like this happened, many hours later, the price would be changed. A broker would say "I was offering them below" so that price at 14823 must be taken down." Thus, on announcements there was no way for the public to profit from a wrong way spike. But these days, they have automated price records and it is harder to claim that except in rare cases where a non-scholarly flexion is involved.


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