The fact checkers are more biased than the Elliot wave people and have more degrees of freedom to claim it wasn't true.

50 million people are on food stamps. How in the world, considering groups like this that have to vote to take money from others to pay for their stuff, and considering the number of people that work for governments in one form or another and their spouses and suppliers… how in the world can those who favor limited government ever hope to win?

It's amazing that it's only 59% for dems to win now on Intrade a six month high.

It's good to keep a pocket notebook, and people like Mark Twain and Beethoven and Franklin did so with great success.

The ocean and the lake is a very dangerous place, and life and death are only a wave or faulty piece of equipment away. The immemorial customs of the British Navy were designed to minimize loss of life in such situations and are good to apply to market business.

There is an unstoppable momentum of public bullishness when everything the public owns and is bullish about is going up and through the roof.

The people at good music schools have to be able to take a big piece and sing it in do re me form from memory front and back in order to graduate from an ear training course.

It is infinitely easier to get a job when you have a scientific or programming training than when you have a literary training.

The round numbers are attractors for the grains as well as the stocks but you probably make more money by buying the breakthroughs than reversing the breakthroughs except when the back and forth has started.

It is always bad to fight what the politicians and big banks want to happen especially before elections.

 The sports on tv are hypnotic and the worst sport to watch is tennis because watching it is like playing a video game because of the two dimensional nature of the screen and the fast pace of the serves relative to ability to return.

The book History of the World Through 100 Objects (in the British Museum) by Neil MacGregor is very good to introduce interest in art to kids especially if they like gold and baseball and chess like Aubrey.

My mother introduced the custom of reading a page from a good book at every dinner, and the kids object to it when you do it, but they remember it for the rest of their lives and come back to reading those books themselves later. I just read the chapter on Monte fighting a bear to my kids and it was so riveting they didn't complain that much or try to walk away. Anything by Jack Schaeffer is timeless and completely scientific and appropriate to the time and place he writes about and I reiterate that Monte Walsh is one of the three best novels about business ever written.


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