There seem to be some noticeable changes from last year. Below are data on a few 5-star hotels in the same city. All numbers include tax and service changes. US$1 = 6.3 CNY.

Kempinski Sunday brunch
: 298CNY including alcohols including some American wines and Qingdao beer (the draft Paulaner is extra). 216CNY not including any alcohol. Seems not much change from last year.

The Holiday Inns Crown Plaza
: No Sunday brunch is offered. The regular lunch buffet is 129CNY not including alcohol - a change from 99CNY of last year but not much change with the food.

: The Sunday brunch was about 240CNY last year, but they stopped offering it this year. Only regular buffet lunch is served for 159CNY including some basic domestic beer.

Sofitel Sunday brunch
: 219CNY (same as last year) including basic domestic beer. The food is largely worse than last year. The very popular seafood section with lobsters and crabs is reduced to have only some small fish. The fine roast beef is replaced with roast pork. Appetizers and desserts are much poorer. The coffee remains the best among the peers though.

The diners are generally very light (perhaps one fifth full). Although I can't conclude about the comparison with last year as I don't go to them regularly, it does appear that there are fewer people (who are most Chinese) this year.


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