There are 2 obvious derivatives on mobile payments and NFC. The rumor is that iPhone 5 will contain a NFC chip that will help popularize the technology. And so quickly looking into it would lead you to PAY which is the leader in payment terminals that needs to be upgraded would NFC based payments become popular.

The other one is the semiconductor leader in the field, NXPI. The long term problem with NXPI seems to be that prices likely will move from $5 to 50 cents in short order and from standalone chip to integrated solutions where NXPI doesnt play. Both stocks are seemingly cheap at PEGs around 0.5. One has been following Square and what the founder of Twitter is tying to do (payment without tapping phone or credit card). Here is an excellent article.

So this morning when one was about to pull the trigger on PAY, Square announces the partnership with Starbucks and instantly wipes away 10% of PAY's market market cap. Could the reason for Apple not introducing NFC yet be Square? I guess we will see on September 12th.


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