Let us understand that in addition to being one of the worlds greatest liberal poseurs on a par with the sage and other sanctimonious scoundrels, the bond king likes to stand on his head for an hour a day before the yoga.

Jason Ruspini writes: 

His inequality angle aside, I still feel that the main psychological "national enquirer" message that flows through such pieces is not that man is small next to the state but rather that the state, pensions & entitlements are likely essentially bankrupt, and that arguments citing robust past growth under high tax rates aren't admissible. Note that "left" econ bloggers like DeLong , Yglesias on Slate and Justin Wolfers and Blodget all began promulgating rebuttals to Gross almost immediately. They certainly did not perceive this output as friendly to their fiscal views. They did not seem to read it as "the state should make up for this shortfall", "fund the state instead of business" etc, but rather seemed threatened by it.


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