It is interesting how Doc Rivers got his name. He came to a training camp wearing a Doc J sweat shirt. Ever since, the players perpetually have been calling him doc. I like to give nick names to people. Called wisdom "the Wiz". Called John Normile, "normal" or "Doji". Call Michele "Ms. Increment " Yes. I am "the Chair " because it's sedentary. Called the guy who invented "trading algorithms for NYSE "Mr. Small" because he programmed in Small talk.

On another front, I don't know much about basketball but to me the best player I've ever seen is Durant. He can shoot well from outside or inside, and is very fast. So many of the others can only play well when they're a few feet from the basket like James, or Melo, and when they're forced deep have an average eye, and lose the game by shooting because their team is unlikely to get the rebound. Trading for the trend following reminds me of Melo's 30 feet one on one. The other player I think is second best, is Iso Joe on the Atlanta Hawks who again can do everything. I wish I knew a trader like these two, or could aspire to it myself.

Russ Sears writes: 

Of course since I am currently residing in OKC area, I've watch a few games. As a runner what struck me was how good Durant was in game 6 in the third quarter, such patients and confidence when the Spurs had spent their legs in the first half, Durant then took it to them. His endurance began to wane in the 4th, but was still above the Spurs starters. Both coaches in my opinion left their starters in too long after obvious signs of fatigue were showing.

In racing the sign of pending collapse in pace of the opponent is change in their breathing pattern. A runner instinctively learns that this is the time to press the pace on the opponent.This will bring the collapse on before they can strategically slow the pace. If their cardio's exhausted they cannot "kick". Both sides were showing signs of cardio exhaustion. For fast twitch, however, there is more than cardio. A fast twitch athlete has 3 or 4 supreme total explosive efforts before their muscles start showing great decline. (Hence why in jumping events in the Olympics strategy calls for passing until the near the optimal height.) . There were several times the Thunder could have made a statement with a explosive dunk, but settled for a gentle lay-up.

Durant played with the legs of a highly conditioned young man, but the strategic timing of an experienced jumper/racer.



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