I found these 10 simple rules on Software Carpentry. There are plenty of juicy bits here for academia/commercial straddlers:

The "Ten Simple Rules" series being run in PLoS Computational Biology has a lot of useful gems. Written by editor-in-chief Philip Bourne and others, the entire collection to date is available as a single PDF, but for those who prefer bite-sized reading, here are ten simple rules for:

- …Starting a Company (PDF)
- …Getting Involved in Your Scientific Community (PDF)
- …Teaching Bioinformatics at the High School Level (PDF)
- …Developing a Short Bioinformatics Training Course (PDF)
- …Getting Help from Online Scientific Communities (PDF)
- …Building and Maintaining a Scientific Reputation (PDF)
- …Providing a Scientific Web Resource (PDF)
- …Getting Ahead as a Computational Biologist in Academia (PDF)
- …Editing Wikipedia (PDF)
- …Organizing a Virtual Conference—Anywhere (PDF)
- …Chairing a Scientific Session (PDF)
- …Choosing between Industry and Academia (PDF)
- …Combining Teaching and Research (PDF)
- …Organizing a Scientific Meeting (PDF)
- …Aspiring Scientists in a Low-Income Country (PDF)
- …Graduate Students (PDF)
- …Doing Your Best Research, According to Hamming (PDF)
- …a Good Poster Presentation (PDF)
- …Making Good Oral Presentations (PDF)
- …a Successful Collaboration (PDF)
- …Selecting a Postdoctoral Position (PDF)
- …Reviewers (PDF)
- …Getting Grants (PDF)
- …Getting Published (PDF) So, what would your ten simple rules for good computational science be?


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