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"The weak job report confirms that the US is vulnerable to a European situation that is going from bad to worse" said Mohamed El-Erian, CEO of Pacific Investment. Query. How did they let him out of Harvard with all these self serving, self interested ideas and talking of book.

Gary Rogan writes: 

It's an interesting statement in that it's mostly true, or could be, but it distorts the cause and effect and shifts the blame. The weak job report confirms that erratic, Marxist/radical and pro-flexionic policies destroy economies, but as a side effect they do also make economies more vulnerable to external shocks. As to whether it's more important that the US is vulnerable to the European slowdown or the European economies are vulnerable to the insatiable appetite of the US for consuming all available lending capacity in the world (while of course killing themselves at the same time), that's an open question. 

Vince Fulco writes: 

Perhaps while job tsar, Immelt, found boll weevils in the domestic silos.


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