Let us give thanks to the veterans who sacrificed life and limb to protect us from those who would do us harm or restrict our freedom. People talk about protecting the American 'way of life'. I've thought about that and concluded that in essence it is our freedom to achieve our full potential. So, to do our part, our sincere payback to veterans, is to realize what the full human potential is, and achieve it. What is the highest potential? A wise man once told me "think of the person you admire most. He or she is a reflection of your highest potential."

Of course, achievement is not necessarily be measured in money. While researching Mongolian gold mines, I discovered one-third of the population were monks a hundred years ago, in other words people serious about achieving their concept of full potential. Stalin invaded and killed most of the monks. They lost that freedom.

Let's not take our freedom to achieve for granted. In parts of the world, they play 'hunger games' for real every day, where achievement is simply surviving. We live in a peaceful prosperous land, so let us make the most of our freedom, and not waste life on trivialities. That seems to me to be a practical celebration of Memorial Day.





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