Pulp Fiction, from Jim Sogi

April 29, 2012 |

 I've been reading some good pulp fiction recently. Stieg Larsson's The Girl with Dragon Tattoo series is much better than the movies. It's a page burner with a driving plot. Wilbur Smith's Hungry as the Sea and Those in Peril have adventure, cheap thrills, improbable characters, but are great time wasters. Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games series is really touching in parts for young adult fiction, and is great vacation reading. Buy all three at once, cause you'll burn through them at one time.

All great escapes if you're inclined and have a little time, and the worst of them is so much better than even the best Hollywood crap.

Reading is truly a miracle where you look at little black marks and are transported body and soul to another world.


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