A potential leading indicator for whether to be involved in direct business dealings with a country could be domestic violence statistics.

I think the reasons may be self evident.

It appears difficult to get solid stats though, which may hamper our ability to quantify.

(2004) China's women suffer the highest suicide rate in the world, a rate 25 percent higher than for Chinese men, and in the countryside, where the majority of China's women live, one-third of all deaths among young women are a result of suicide.

"There is no specific law in China that a woman can charge her husband," said Chen Mingxia, of the Marriage Law Institute.


Four out of 10 women in Turkey are beaten by their husbands, according to the recent study entitled "Domestic Violence against Women in Turkey."

"The definition of honor, in the Turkish, more eastern, sense, is always defined within the sexuality of women," Agduk said. "Men believe that when they marry a woman, they possess her. They see a woman just like a car."



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