While the book could have used a better flourish of English, Nicholas Best's collection of individual stories 5 Days That Shocked the World surrounding the final five days of World War II is an informative and compelling read, a script worthy of consideration for the budding film-maker. One notable story comes from a Dutch girl as she expresses her gratitude toward the Flying Fortress pilots on their humanitarian air-drop over Holland:

"THANKS, YANKS." The Dutch had spelled it out in flowers, clipping the fields of tulips into capital letters to show their appreciation. Some of the most hard-bitten airmen had tears in their eyes as they read the words and saw the waving crowds, so obviously glad to see them. But the most heartfelt response from the Dutch was spotted by a vigilant ball gunner, who immediately got on to his tailman over the intercom: "Close your eyes," he told him. "You're much too young to see this." On the ground below, already vanishing into the distance, a young Dutch woman had lifted the front of her dress and was waving it cheerfully at the Americans. She wore nothing underneath.

Obvious parallels with regard to trading are how narrow leadership both in governments and markets can lead to disaster, and throwing it all in ahead of a margin call can so often lead to a charred body…


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