As the more financially well off in the west live a more and more sheltered life, all brass and glass, and steer away from the hardships of WWII, and the acceptance of some irritations in life, to an existence where nothing can be out of place, does this effect the way we trade our markets?

This is a conditioning, no ifs or buts about it. The more things are in line, the more the general public makes sure the peanut next door toes the line and we don't get our feet wet when we don't have to, and we wear ear muffs when we mow the lawn. Does this effect how we want to knock our markets back into shape when we start believing they are not toeing the line? As individuals generally get more set in the ways the older they get, and less forgiving, does the average age of participants in a market, likewise effect the way a market moves? Are developing world markets, more generous and more flexible, forgiving and acceptable?


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