I said that great breakthroughs often come from extensions and innovations at the borders of two fields and that you could learn more about markets from checkers than you could from most of the books. I believe that it is significant that after two changes in coaches, Portland went from down 42 against the Knicks a win over league leading Chicago and Knicks won two in a row being up 30 or more in both games. The new coaches are humble. The other teams let up. Portland and the Knicks played harder. The other teams weakened their guard. Okay, how can this be turned into profit in markets at the borders or other fields?

Craig Mee writes: 

Just like Bacon, Victor, and pulling up a nag, if not an easy win on the minnow races, possibly flexions allow notes to come to them in the days before payrolls, without driving home the advantage to early. Get the size on, and let the numbers (and seasonals ) do their work…


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