There's a kind of dance that the 20s do these days where they move forward with high kicks and movements first forward and backward "honey I need you" "no, go away, get a job". The kids tell me it's a Beyonce song: "All the Single Ladies" that has a chorus "if you want me, put a ring around it". It is so reminiscent of the market vis a vis 1300 the last week. First it goes down to 1302 than right back up to 1315. Then back down again and up. 5 times. Once it actually gets in the house at 1296 but no action there as it gets thrown out at 1030 to get a job, that's yesterday. Where its close at 1309 only to go back to 1302.5 before closing unchanged yesterday. I'm told it's called free style dance, a combination of rap and rhythm and blues where the man tries hard to get in but the women constantly gives him a little opening and then turns him out until he can show the car and house and job and gives up the ho.

This is to the point but there was a lot more coming forward and being pushed apart like magnetic poles in the ones I saw at Rand's wedding.

Tim Melvin comments: 

Sounds like the line dance we used to do to Paradise by the Dashboard Light at weddings and parties

Of course, as that song points out, often getting the "fill" you so ardently desire and work for is the worst thing that could ever happen.


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