Are you a number 3 batsman? We must all be at certain times, but you must know how to bat equally as prudently as an opener or last drop.

Like in trading, with Cricket and sports, you must know your role and be a good reader of what's unfolding and how to apply it, due to volatility and current risk reward opportunities.

Batting at No.3, the player must have a wide range of skills to be successful. He must have the defence of an opener, to come in when an early wicket is lost and nullify the new ball. Or he must come in at 1-100, and attack like it's a one-day match to keep the momentum of the game going his team's way.

The key word is 'momentum'. The player must have the skill to take the momentum away from the opposition bowlers and get it to swing his way. Or he might have to come in late and keep the momentum going as long as he can. All great No.3s had the skill to change the momentum of a match: Don Bradman, Viv Richards, Ponting, Rahul Dravid, Neil Harvey and Kumar Sangakkara.


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