After decades of following the "spray and pray" tactical doctrine, the U.S. ground forces have gone back to the country's revolutionary origins — i.e. shooting with deadly accuracy from behind cover. Roughly 1 out of every 10 American infantry are now trained and equipped as snipers; and all infantry are now trained to prefer accuracy over the volume of fire. What has caused this revolution? The answer is the new recruits' experience with shooting games that use computer graphics. The limited training offered by a few "Live fire" exercises is now being replaced by more time on simulators, which, according to Jim Dunnigan, "allow troops to fire a lot of virtual bullets in a realistic setting." The result has been a remarkable change in "the look (less random fire from U.S. troops) and feel (the U.S. troops appear more in control) of the battlefield. It's also easier to spot the enemy. He's usually the guy firing on automatic. The fellows firing one shot at a time are the Americans, and they are usually the last ones standing."


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