One was sorry to miss the 100 to 86 5th straight loss of the Knicks to the Bucks today as one likes to see the arrogance of D'Antoni permeating its ugly effluence on the rest of the team with the system that doesn't work. It is sad that no one will say that when you have a poor wrist and ankle like Melo that it's fantastic to shoot 30% at all. But the arrogant D'Antoni making sardonic remarks must create total demoralization on his team and one wishes he would stop his television shows and posturing and let someone like Goodson or Williams get the team to play a system that's not guaranteed to lose. The tragedy of it is that most market systems have the same guru's with the same tragic flaws and the same impossibilities of ever winning. It's not the players it's the system.

Gary Phillips adds: 

“It’s possible to train people to perform to a certain level in chess, but if this training does not promote self- education and a philosophical attitude, then the trainees will be little more than performing seals.”

-Nigel Davies, Daily Speculations

T.K Marks writes: 

Isn't there an old axiom that within most any matter subject to inevitable variance that any system is better than no system at all?…Be that as it may, proper allowance should be made for the D'Antoni Disclaimer.

It's a game-changer.


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