It would be interesting to expand the method of Maximum Parsimony used to create trees for species divergence in philogenetics and apply it to trees created to explain relations between markets.

Gary Rogan comments: 

Probably one of the most "busy" areas where trees of this sort are constructed is recreating the history of the humankind from both modern and now partially extractable ancient genomes. One of the biggest complications seems to be "admixture" which means hybridization with different branches withing the "human" definition and even beyond, making the trees not quite trees but multiply-crossing structures. The algorithms are getting more and more sophisticated and are finding "minimal distance" solutions to extremely complicated collections of samples. It seems that very soon this analysis will be done one the entire genomes from multiple populations (which is not the case now) leading to some ground-breaking discoveries.

This is an example of the type of interesting discoveries likely to happen (like admixture from pre-human and not-exactly-human species in some modern humans).


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