It is interesting to contemplate the tangled bank of the markets, clothed with the intricacies of the European attempts to keep their standing in the EC, with the siren song of the US stock market which crawled down to 1199 just a month ago, and has been reflected back to 1312 in less than a month, with just one or two down days intervening, while the bonds fly up and down above and below, and the metals and grains flit about through the Earth. Each of these markets so different from each other yet dependent upon each other in so complex a manner move in a fashion to relieve the weak from their funds and transfer it to those who feed upon their weakness. There is grandeur in this view of the markets, and the place of the bottom and top feeders in this ensemble. While this planet has gone circling on according to the fixed laws of gravity, which in no sense can be gainsayed vis a vis the markets themselves, with the S&P move from below the earthly pull of 1200 not to the heights of 1312. From so simple a beginning and with such modest principles, endless moves most beautiful and most wonderful have evolved to allow the strong to prosper and weak to die off.


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