10. I want to hire a hot assistant, but my wife won't let me.

9. My neighbors think I'm a drug dealer.

8. Oprah retired.

7. The pizza delivery boy is becoming overly friendly.

6. I haven't shaved, gotten out of my pajamas, or left the house in a week.

5. Networking to me is talking to my 2 year old son.

4. My wife thinks I need to get a "real" job.

3. When I take a break, I throw in a load of wash.

2. All I hear is… "Since you're home all day anyway, can you just do this…?"

1. I feel like I live at the office… Wait, I do!

Jay Pasch responds:

 Top Ten Reasons I'm NOT Ready To Leave My Home Office

1. It's all about you and yours, the way it should be.
2. Better to suffer for one's self than for the white shoe.
3. My children are here.
4. The wife appreciates home-cooked meals when she gets home.
5.  The rent is cheaper

6. Friends are easier to find.

7. Foes are easier to shut off.

8. The commuting cost is zero dollars and zero cents

9. The couch is two feet away

10. Dogs aren't allowed in the corporate office


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