The main purpose is to generate revenues for the top feeders to cover their overhead at the expense of the bottom feeders, the small people, those who can be squeezed, those who pay high commissions. The slow moving people with fixed systems that Osborne liked to write about. After 4 small days like existed as of yesterday, it had only happened 6 times in last 10 years, and most of them around holidays. They all went up substantially next day or two like today.

To add misery to the equation just to make all the regularity people lean the wrong way, they gave us an up day yesterday and a 50 day max just to make sure everyone who could possibly be bearish was bearish. But of course then the real January effect should chip in with big rises in the first x days, succumbing to terrible declines by the end of the month, just so that more chips can be eaten and those sold out bulls will rue the days they tried to come in on the bandwagon.

The question in my mind is whether it will first go to 1300 before succumbing. Of course aside from the counting above, the latter is just speculation and meals for a lifetime.


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