Here is an interesting post on Event Processing Thinking by Opher Etzion, a road map for knowledge workers of the future…from an IBM CEP researcher.

The IFTF - Institute for the Future has published a report about future work skills for 2020. This report, summarized in the picture above, identifies six drivers of change in the universe:

1. Extreme longevity
2. Rise of smart machines and systems
3. Computational world
4. New media ecology
5. Superstructured organizations
6. Globally connected world

To cope with them, the study determines that ten skills will be needed:

1. Sense making
2. Social intelligence
3. Novel and adaptive thinking
4. Cross-cultural competency
5. Computational thinking
6. New media literacy
8. Design mindset
9. Cognitive load management
10. Virtual collaboration

Some of these terms are not self-explaining, so if you are interested in the details - read the article. It is interesting to see if the educational systems — from kindergarten until university level will change fast enough to cope with future competencies.


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