When will The Knicks realize that it's not the players but the system that causes them to be so bad. You can't throw the ball to the basket in 9 seconds and win a game in modern basketball. If it ever worked for D'Antoni it was due to a changed game when he employed it 10 years ago at Phoenix. I doubt that the powers that be will realize this as they seem to be the worst kind of shysters. Every ad that they have on the radio is out of the keep man small, and borders on fraud and angry at the rich kind of thing. "Are you being cheated on your mortgages?". It reminds me of all the Geico ads which are typical of the sage. Almost could have been written by him. Everything is small except Geico. A typical one: a son complains to his mother, "How come you don't have an 800 number so I can call you free. Get with it." "You don't have to berate your mother to save money. Just come to Geico." Now if that isn't the sage himself talking as are all their other ads. "Is the world round? Just save money at Geico et al". My point is that it's just like "all the brokers, all the middlemen are crooks and provide no service and are getting too much in fees. So I'll do it on the cheap."

Of course, the problem I have with the Knicks "it's not the players but the system" is the main problem with market plays. It's not the trades. It's the gains and losses relative to the range of the day, the vig, and the risk, and margin. It's the system not the regularities that 's wrong. 

When the Knicks had the head of the players union as their center with his sullen long ball game, a la Gallinari, the sullenness was contagious, and in addition to the system being bad, it was the center who can't get a job as a coach any more because people realize how his sullenness would ruin everything. So in that case it was the player as well as the system.


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