Here's a good article listing 12 things that happy people do differently than everybody else. I don't agree with everything on the list and I would add a few anecdotal things points. I wonder if the we could compile a complete list of things happy people do differently. I'll bet there's more than 12 things, probably closer to 100.

Russ Sears writes: 

Perhaps top on my list of New Years resolutions this year is to learn to enjoy effort both intellectually and physically. I believe this will perfect several of the items on the list… including 1. Take care of your body (and mind). Practice "Flow" 2. Savor Life's Joys (by practicing "Living") 3. Setting goals 4. Develop coping skills.

All these are achieved mainly by loving the challenges of effort. But perhaps more importantly, this will help you maximize the resources you are given.

This is the key to feeling good about yourself and overcoming the fears that turn into opportunities.

I would add to the list: "Learn to guard and value money for the freedom and potential opportunities it can bring to your and your families life".


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