Pro horseplayer interviewed in Harvard mag (via this trader's blog). Touches on evolution from Bacon…

Steve Crist On Turf Betting via Stableboy selections:

Twenty years ago, if you made your own speed figures [a method of standardizing horses’ running times for comparison, popularized by noted handicapper and Washington Post columnist Andrew Beyer ’65] and followed horseracing closely, you had a real edge over the majority of the public. But now, so many of the bad gamblers–the people who should be pulling handles on slot machines–have left racing for casinos that one of the great regrets of current horseplayers is: ‘Where did all the suckers go?’ You want to be betting against people who are betting based on colors and jockeys and hunches. -from Harvard Magazine article "Horseplayer extroardinaire"

Who’s the sucker in the markets today?


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