I'm noticing that gasoline is below $3.00 here in OKC but oil is up.

According to Yahoo, the oil ETF has gone up +9.7% since start of Sept. While the USA gasoline (UGA etf) has gone down -9.5%.

With oil as the x and intercept set to zero, the daily slope is 83.5% with an R2 of 78% (UGA only goes to Feb. of 2008) Running a scatter diagram, with oil on the X axis, the recent moves seem to be on bottom right hand edge. It does appear the oil will drop with gasoline rising with greater differences. But this the reverse moves are not usually this large.

Is this due to fear in oil regions, but too much current supply?

This is good new for those driving this Holiday. But is there a Thanksgiving leftover meal here? Ideas?


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