Suddenly Soros, by Ken Drees

October 31, 2011 |

 "Suddenly Soros"

[to the tune of Suddenly Seymour]

Lift up your bond
You know that I cara
Here, mark my message
Wipe that market away
Show me your book
Dirty black longing
I know things were bad
But now we are straight

Suddenly Soros
I'm standing astride you
You don't need no longshot
Don't have to report
Suddenly Soros
Is here to provide you
True liquid funding
Soros' is your friend

Nobody ever
Treated EU kindly
FEDdy left early
BUBA is sore
I'd meet any flexer and
I'd follow him blindly
He'd write his swaps
And I'd say "More"

Suddenly Soros
Is standin' behind me
He took down the orders
He won't transcend
Suddenly Soros
Is here with a warning
Spoos under performing
Soros' my friend

Tell me this predation lasts till forever
Tell me your good times are clean washed away

Please understand that its still
damn enlightnin'
For losers like I've been
It's so great to say

Suddenly Soros

Suddenly Soros
He trustified me
He securitized you
Suddenly Soros showed me the plan
Suddenly Soros sold into your plan

Earn now and be poor
That bad trade's inside me (you)
With spoos underperforming





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