I took the young man child to work this AM. I realized I have no idea how to drive in heavy fog. We never raced anything in the fog. Let's call it 200 feet max, the ability to see a brake light ahead for danger. I was shocked to have cars passing me doing some 80MPH. I thought if they knew the risk they were taking…Then I realized I have no idea how far this car takes to stop from 55mph. All I knew is that in a couple hundred feet I could stand on the brakes hard, let off them, hard right and motor through the grass at some 25MPH to avoid disaster. (Last thing you want to do in fog is to stop in the road and get rear ended, you need to get off the path).

I figured out that driving on the HWY in fog is too dangerous. The slower side roads with traffic lights is the way to go. One thing racing cars taught me is how dangerous speed can be, even slow race speeds from 250mph at 70-80MPH it's slow motion but the crashes are the exact same as at very high speeds. There is nothing you can do. But if your at sub 40MPH there is everything you can do to avoid destroying your equipment.

What amazes me this year, after all these years of trading, is I am still learning how to avoid bending up my accounts. You'd think your at a safe speed after running 200+ mph all week, your cruising along at an easy 65mph on cruise and you have no idea how to drive in the fog. You must drive to get to your destination. The route and speed you take, just a tiny change in pace and route is a profitable one and avoids a disaster.


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