The win of the Cardinals in game 6 of world series combing from one strike away from losing in both the 9th and 10 inning of game 6 is very similar to the win of Djokovich over Federer in the open where he came from one service return away from losing to Federer in the semis'. Both the Djokovich and the Cardinals went on to win the championship. It should give us all hope that fighting to the end is possible, and can snatch victory. It should also teach us never to let up.

I have often seen people give up in the market when one strike away from total disaster, when winning was still possible. Also, much more common the trader who's ahead and relaxes. What did the Rangers and the Federer do wrong in the last service and strikes to give the other side the chance to snatch victory away? How can you and your kids prevent that from happening to you?

James Lackey comments:

In racing we are taught to attack get to the front and go as fast as you can go, push, push, push. However there is one small problem.. Its not that you relax or take a victory for granted.. Oh no.. Its not like traders that are afraid to lose so they book the week month or year and do not take any risk at all. Racers always push, push, push, but it's quite rare to take on a new big risk with a lead.

When we are going as fast as the bike or car vs the track can go.. it's rare to find a new line on the track that is faster when your in the lead at the end of the race. Its much easier to be in a close 2nd and judge your very aggressive risk taking, vs the leaders times on the track. The best ever is when a winless one is leading and thinking too much and the champion is hot on his tail, showing him a wheel in every corner. Hi kidm I am on your 6. From 3rd you can see both lines of the track. If the winless one chokes and bumps the champ you have the double edge.. you know the fastest and 2nd best line on the track and they were forced to slow down for a corner. Its the old joke of life, you win with experience, you gain experience by making mistakes. Mistakes cause losses.. A loss can be you could have won the race but finished second. In the markets there seems to be no shame in finishing way out of the top ten.. All the shame is from blowing up, losing more than X%.. The joke is if your 99th and up small, all your funding may be pulled. Your result is the same, your out of a driving job.

Which to any racer is not winning, at least one day or one qualifier race of a day in a long season. What drives me nuts about the markets is traders walk around and brag they have never lost. The joke is if you do not win or finish in the top three on the podium often in MX your sleeping in the trailer. If you win your sleeping at the Ritz. I am not a big fan of sports where men that finish 99th make millions. I look at it all if your top 3 your great… even once in your life that is awesome.. If your top 10 you get to sleep in the hotel. If your 11th 20th in the USA your sleeping in the trailer. If your 99th and your prospects do not improve by next season.. even if you do not crash and blow up , your done get a real job kid. The results are the same, with out winning, your done.

Mr Vic's examples are for the best in the world. I have never been in the position to be top two in the world and have it all go down to the last race. Yet, for the life of me I can't imagine any man, team or organization not laying it all out there for the win. There is no shame in finishing 2nd at that point and the only risk is blowing it from being too aggressive. I cant find fault in any man that is too aggressive going for the win and losing. Then again, I have been trained to go strait for the lead and push. I hate to attempt a comeback from way behind. There is too much risk for disaster. We do try to take losses like men. The most difficult is being stuck in the pack with all the indecision and not knowing if you have what it takes to get to the front for the race. One bad move and your going to 99th, with severe injuries after being run over by the field.. Even with savings your out for the next season as the injuries are too severe to over come.

There are usually happy endings to all racing stories. The best comebacks stories are from guys off injury, very strong, well rested, but an under capitalized privateer. Any top 10 finish is considered amazing by all. Its one of those times in a career where your satisfied with anything but first place. Only men that have won will understand this next line. It's the only time your happy.

Winning brings all the pressure to continue, therefore your never satisfied. Finishing 2nd is frustrating. Fourth is the worst plate you can run. Tenth is some what motivating as you know the ten kids sleeping in the trailer want your hotel room and are going to do what ever it takes to run you over to get to the top.


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