I’ve been reading Georgs Soros’s book “The Crisis of Global Capitalism”. I know you worked with him and spent a lot of time with him. I was wondering what he thought of your approach to the markets. In this book he seems to be diametrically opposed to your views. He calls social science a false metaphor and says that we cannot fit the mold of Popper’s model of scientific method to the markets since they are reflexive in nature. Applying the scientific method to my trading added much clarity to my life and career. So I am trying to understand Soros’s thought process. I know nothing of him other than what I have heard of his enormous success.

I thought it very curious that he hired you and spoke so highly of you yet his philosophy on markets was the complete opposite. Just wondering how that was…

Victor replies:

Mr. Soros’ view of my approach is that it is not valid in any respect and he has eschewed all contact with me for the past nine years. I have found his ideas on tennis balls, and his survival instinct, worthy of emulation.


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