Does anyone have this in PDF? The Amazon hardcover is 300+ dollars.

Propaganda Analysis: a Study of Inferences Made from Nazi Propaganda in World War II

Jonathan Bower comments:

Here it is:

Scribd: The-Jewish-Enemy-Nazi-Propaganda-during-World-War-II-and-the-Holocaust

You can read it for only $21.

William Weaver responds:

That's the problem, there are a lot of books with similar titles, but the one I'm looking for is by Alexander George, written in 1959. The Gladwell article 

(Open secrets, Enron, intelligence, and the perils of too much information [10 page PDF])  that Jeff Watson mentioned referenced the book and it seems like an interesting read. Here is the Amazon listing:

Propaganda Analysis: Study of Inferences Made from Nazi Propaganda in World War II [Hardcover]

Alexander L. George (Author)

ISBN-10: 0837166306

Out of Print–Limited Availability. 

Bill Rafter writes: 

Regarding out-of-print books, some dirtbags have been identifying those books in a local library that are both (a) in demand, and (b) out-of-print. The dirtbag then advertises the book on Amazon as "used" for a substantial sum, say $150, or in your case $300. If someone orders the book the dirtbag then goes to the library and borrows the book.

A few days later he goes back to the library and confesses as to having lost the book in a fire or flood and pays the library their lost book fee, which might be $25. At that point he has paid the library for the book and cannot be charged with selling stolen property. And you as the buyer cannot be charged with receiving stolen books. But the whole thing really stinks.


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