I understand third hand the Senator called for a buy in gold Friday last, and so congratulate Larry Williams for yet another great call.

Anatoly Veltman adds:

Of late, there is significant tie-in to world's strongest major currency: Yen. Yen was mired in tight range for over two months - and finally broke to new record Friday. Significantly, Oil prices reacted first - helped by the equity markets - on Monday. Finally, Gold caught up today.

In my view, the only real surprise here: Oil acting faster than Gold. I think I've observed this for the first time since Oil failed from its $147 grace three years ago. Oil may be taking back over from Gold, and one should be monitoring WTI's advance to $100.00 closely.

I speculate that around that exact event - we shall again get a signal for Gold direction! Just a heads-up, agree or not

Ken Drees comments:

I was just thinking that oil started running vertical after an oil dictator is killed and Iraq soldiers are to be returned home—and that there have been no real headlines in mainstream financial tv — oil snuck up on us???. Also gold which has been quiet spikes as well dragging gold stocks higher–and these groups mark the tail end on the rally troops from this October's large run up. Is the run over and the heavy weights oil and gold just signalling end here or starting a bigger fundamental lone push story related to Mideast and euro future madness–do oil and gold now decouple from stocks???

Momo stocks now being shot at point blank range always a bad sign in my book–when you can't suck any more juice out of the core you just throw it behind the woodpile.

netflix, amazon , apple (bruised), fslr, etc.





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