Nikkei 225, Victor Niederhoffer

October 21, 2011 |

The Nikkei 225 (Singapore) is a contract to buy or sell 500 times the Nikkei index in Yen . Margin is 281000 Yen . Tick size is 5 so one tick equals 2500 Yen + or -. volume is approximately 50000 contracts a day.

Today's Range was:  Open      Hi        Low       Close

                                 8695      8705    8655      8685

My question is with a range of 0.57%, how can the public be induced to trade enough to do the wrong thing ? I would think this query could be generalized to other markets. How does it relate to required margin? I wonder if the momentum and the swings in markets are related to their between and within market volatility for example. Perhaps this is a naive question, but I believe it might be good to start with basics like this.


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