Gentlemen, unless your honor code keeps you from writing a program and co-locating to join the HFT club, what then are you waiting for, if the HFT has an edge for life. I have been racing one form or another ever since I was 10 years old. I can assure you that if too few have the edge they will change the rules. If they do not change the rules its only a matter of time until everyone has the same machines.

…"as if" it matters much or at all… As my drag racing instructor once taught me on the introduction of school, "everyone looks for the big edge, its the many tiny edges that add up to a razor thin edge, that, with some luck you can win a championship".

The best advice my dad gave me on racing, "son, no matter how much they cheat or race dirty, if you get a big enough lead no one can take you out". That was after leading one of my first dirt bike races when I was 12 years old and was taken out by a dirty rider. That was the only time I ever threw my helmet. The gist of Dad's words after my helmet toss, "I do not care what happened, and listen real close son. If you ever throw your helmet again there will be no more racing, got it?.


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