It is conceivable that many long forgotten mineral and metal prospects in Georgia and Alabama and other southern states are now undergoing re-evaluation given improved techniques for assessing the extent, composition, geometry and economic value of ore bodies.It would seem to be a highly speculative field not without significant risks. Not an area for persons susceptible to hyperbole.

1) "A Canadian mining company and a tiny South Carolina town are leading what could be a modern gold rush to the southeastern United States."

These technical reports give an idea how these gold and metal deposits (some abandoned during the gold rush to California in 1849) are looked at today.

3) Chris Tucker mentioned mica and I remember quite vividly as a boy seeing large areas of ground near Rockford, AL shimmering with light reflected from small pieces of muscovite while hunting mine "spoil piles" for beryl crystals with my father.

There are "potential" pockets of minerals (pg 25 of linked document) all within and along the southern end of the Appalachian Mtns. Various regulations probably impact whether some of these deposits can be mined for profit.



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