People often come up to me and to many other contributors to this site also, I'm sure, with a remark like, "Doctor Niederhoffer, I just wanted to tell you that I read your book and it is the key foundation for all my trading. It got me into the futures markets. I've made millions from applying your methods. It led to a really happy life and family situation. And I just wanted to thank you. I just read your book over again the ninth time," et al. After thanking them, I always have to refrain from telling them the story of Hans Sennholz , who received a similar welcome in Houston at one of his lectures. "Proffsa, do you knooo how much mona we made from yer book on silver? 800 million". Hans answered, "And you know how much money I made? Twenty five dollars." Why should I disappoint my well meaning, would be friend with the facts of life about my own trajectory and road to Babylon et al?


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