The market mistress had a tough day today [2011/10/10]. The banks were closed [for the Columbus day holiday]. And volume overnight was at 1/10 the normal level. So what could she do to get the volume up to 2 million by end of day versus the standard 3 million. You saw.

Gary Rogan inquires: 

Victor, two questions:

1) Why does the market mistress care about the volume (vs. levels), is it because she feels obliged to feed the top feeder who thrive on volume? My mental image of her is that she fundamentally wants to trick as many participants as possible, and the top feeders thrive because they have better access to information and infrastructure, so it's not her "goal" to feed them per se.

2) Second, could the actions of some Europeans that matter be considered something that the market mistress did, vs. what a few government officials did?


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