After all these years I just realized what separates the wheat from chaff in leadership. Trading is one thing… in the panic periods most nights are sub 4 hours of sleep and some night none at all. It's no big deal as anyone that is ex military can tell you. However go a few weeks on that and you lose ability. I now get the joke on those who rise above Brigade command or LT Colonel or Top, first sergeant to full bird Colonel or CSGM… they can go the entire war without loss of ability.

Stefan Jovanovich responds:

Schopenhauer wrote that talent was aiming at and hitting a difficult target but genius was hitting the targets no one else had even seen. Nimitz deployed his submarines across a third of the globe to attack Japanese merchant shipping that was considered so secure that convoys were never considered, let alone put into practice. Nelson's "primitive" tactics of heading straight towards the enemy (as opposed to the more sophisticated ones of maneuver, thrust and parry used by the French, Dutch and Danish navies) had the genius of seeing that the pure rage or iron discipline needed to withstand the rain of iron and splinters could only be sustained for tens of minutes, not hours.


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