Reflections on the life of Carl Icahn and 9W Search: a SINGLE ANSWER TO MILLIONS OF FINANCIAL QUESTIONS (my latest venture).

Carl Icahn's “survival of the fittest and “greed is good” religion has fueled his 50 year+ rampage in the Wall Street jungle. His random attacks on peaceful, generally complacent, and then confused, corporate management (TWA, Clorox, Yahoo, Lion Gate et al) is the culmination of his life’s goal of victory over the corporate weak with no mercy to the fallen. His record of booting out any participants in his forays who thought they would share profits with Carl is pretty grim:

• an uncle (Elliot Scnall) who was the source of Carl’s money in his early career as corporate raider and extortionist

• Icahn company internal managers (plump Kingsley, Dr. Mark Rashefsky, overly ambitious Russell Glass, key operative Keith Meister;) all fools who expected to get paid what they were actually were worth to Carl

But Carl has an unusual witty side too. If you haven’t seen these two video you might be amazed by his story telling ability: “Texaco video" , "US Steel video

These videos present an aspect of his persona known to just a few friends (not counting his virtual dog). Carl’s view of friends: “if you want a friends, get a dog”. A new financial search engine from the founders of EDGAR Online, Inc, 9W returns the single correct answer (no scrolling like Google or clicking like Yahoo)

Go here, enter your email address, choose a password and see how 9W works.


What was the latest Pfizer employee termination cost? Employee termination costs

RESULT: $189,000,000
AS OF: 1/4/2005 - 7/3/2011

Another question: “Hewlett Packard’s CEO bio”

Fri Sep 23, 2011

About 27,400,000 results (0.10 seconds).


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