I flew out of Logan Airport in Boston yesterday — for the very last time. I had an Air Tran flight out of there — the very last time with that too.

Arriving early at Gate C 40, I watch in disbelief at what I think is a mouse attempting to get into an elderly woman's bag on the floor. Shoo-ing it away, thinking it an anomaly, I watch a man seated a few feet away from me stomping his foot to frighten away yet another mouse. And then I realize — the place is swarming with them.

I get up to move, and as I do, I notice food — pizza and popcorn, soda pop and half-eaten sandwiches, littering the entire place. Two Africans (who either could not or feigned being unable to speak English) sitting facing me as I start to throw all this crap out (it is EVERYWHERE in these gates — the carpet, sticky, filth mess, having long ago passed the point of being salvageable through cleaning). I ask my spectators, since they work there, if they could assist me. Of course, they are too busy watching TV. Now a large, redheaded one approaches, looking as though he may be looking for a fight (he has come to the right place).

I'm looking for Air Tran people — not the workfare idiots of Boston who exist on the backs of the working men and women and the travelling public. I find a couple of Air Tran guys, checking someone onto a flight at gate 42, who are literally begging me "Please call the health department!" The entire airport is rodent-infested.

More Downs-syndrome adults approach me from TSA — not that they are there to help, they think I'm causing a raucous. I hope to, but my fellow Americans are too deflated and defeated to fight back anymore, sitting in their rodent-infestation.

Finally, an Air Tran suprevisor, along with the Africans, and TSA — 8-10 people in all, circle around me. I'm livid,

"Food is being sold in the hall here — but the place is rodent infested — your own employees admit to this. There are restaurants here, why have they not been shut down?"

"We can't do anything about it, it's Mass Tran that has to do something."

"You can't put rat poison out? If I had this problem in my home it would be over before I went to bed tonight."

"Yes, but it has to be Mass Tran that fixes it."

I call Mass Tran and tell them. They say they will "make a note of it."

I've been in third world shithole airports all over the planet. Logan is the worst I have ever seen. If there are mice in the numbers I saw them, there are mice on the Air Tran planes as well — has to be.

You may feel that mice aren't a problem — but if you ran a restaurant and had them (and there are those at the airport, and Mass Tran and the health department there turns the other way) you wouldn't be open. Rodent infestations have killed 1/2-2/3 of the European population in 2 years, and having Cystic Fibrosis, and realizing the genetic advantage to rodent-born plague that carriers of CF posses, it isn't lost on me that this avaoidable pestilence bears disease, and I look upon those who tolerate it as I would my fellow man who doesn't bathe.

You people may be willing to tolerate Boston Logan. If I come back there, it's to turn the place to ashes. Air Tran, you fail. I will not fly on your mice-infested planes.You tolerate Boston Logan — you are and have been aware of the problem, yet you do nothing.


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