EURUSD, from Craig Mee

September 11, 2011 |

 In relation to the Aussie Rocky, the snap backs on any bid in euro, early Asia Friday (USD offer) are insightful. Australia's leadership is lacking, and from what I can see, costs are going through the roof, and there will be D-Day. But with the elephant in the room, China, still trucking along, the bottom of the canyon, without a clear double dip in the U.S, is still some distance off. Not to say you would be long, with the propensity for a exploding dollar bid to pull it south, but on any Euro strength, this horse should canter:

Thanks to such trends, AMP's Oliver believes China will continue to record solid growth. ''I certainly do not see any imminent collapse,'' he says. ''Also, China is still well placed to stimulate their economy if the global economy starts to fall out of bed.

''They can cut interest rates and monetary policy. They can probably undertake another round of fiscal stimulus, albeit not on the same scale as they did last time.

''So, for Australia, China provides a pretty good buffer against the storms blowing in from Europe and the US. The Chinese authorities have shown themselves to be adept at managing monetary policy and managing their economy — far more adept than the Americans and Europeans have been.''


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