Post Storm, from Jim Lackey

August 29, 2011 |

 You can now visualize a panic of a short squeeze. The panicked buying of bottled water, bread and gasoline comes in, and no it doesn't matter how many storms in a row or if this one was bad or not for the next time. That short squeeze always plays out as the retailers only let the shelves stay so full. The Florida boys are experts as they an predict how many pallets of water or how many trays of bread to bake. Yet the shelves are always less than full as it's imperative to sell out on the panic and not get caught long as everyone eats out the next week.

It's quite manly to go on personal generator power. As Jay posted it's best to run your generator at your AC machine's junction box back into the house. That's a good safe spot to tarp your generator so no Monoxide can get back into the house. If you run them in the rain, even a Honda will blow up if it sucks water into the engine.

Now once the chain saw is on, it's the second tank of gas, you may think, wow I am getting good at this. Your productivity sky rockets and this will not take as long as you thought. Stop, tighten the chain, make sure there is oil in the chain lube… and slow back down. When we get too confident with our machines with engines is when accidents happen.

Good luck with the clean up! The Hurricane news tell is when they stop talking wind and start with the storm surge. Then it is a simple big rain storm.


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