Hurricane, from Jim Lackey

August 26, 2011 |

 I rode out and drove away from Hurricanes in Fla. Now I'm in Nashville and my flight is cancelled for thunderstorms today at JFK. I heard the same BS on stand by for Army flights. There is always a way. Turns out they were behind from the earthquake's few hour shut down. Throw in a thunderstorm and the fear of the hurricanes and basically the airlines are telling you to not fly.

I am not sure if I am mad about the trillions of dollars blown on nothing when we could build some good airports and tech to handle a T storm stoppage. Or is it just the fact that American airlines are so cheap and efficient that one little hiccup shuts them down? Or was it the regulations of the Jet Blue ice storm fiasco a few years ago. Basically the nice looking young lady said, "you don't travel much now a days, huh?"

I thought it sounds exactly like Army stand by. Well maybe we can get you in by 8:30 Fri… for sure noon Sat… Oh to get back home… no way to tell.. think Tues or Weds. I never flew Army free air flights for that reason. First time I ever did an airline said "sir would you like a refund?" I dunno I guess this is first time I ever didn't want refund and wanted the flights. This is also first time I realized that Nashville is an awful flight route vs Fla or Atlanta or Chicago where I lived. No wonder they call us the fly over states.

Sorry I will miss you all. Lack


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