Aftershocks might occur.

In the case of the magnitude 5.9 (at a different location in Va. from the current quake) on May 31, 1897:

"Aftershocks continued through June 6, 1897. " (would have to check what the magnitudes were)

It might be interesting to compare the exact "response times" on the nuclear company stock share prices in relation to the start of shaking today.

It looks like about 22 minutes from the intraday high/low earthquake event for Dominion Resources. Quake started at 13:51:04. The minute Google stock chart indicates downward stock price movement at 1352 but maybe sophisticated traders were on it in milliseconds.

Would imagine someone with the right equipment and screening capability (quake size, depth, location, historical response of markets to different seimic events) is trading on these relatively infrequent earthquake events —particularly in countries where news comes out a few seconds slower.


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