I have not seen a model yet that shows how all this redistribution causes weakness in economic activity. Certainly the incentives are hurt. But I think a model similar to what Friedman uses to show how money should grow with 2 or 3 people on a desert island would show how hurtful this is.

Tyler Cowen writes:

Moral hazard escalates.

Keep in mind that since bank failure is deflationary, the Fed can address bank failure by printing up a lot of money without a net inflationary effect. On the inflation front we are simply holding even, more or less.

But we are substituting interest-bearing reserves for M2, or public sector assets for private sector dealings, a very bad long-term trend.

Plus higher moral hazard and now European banks are Too Big To Save and don't have a real central bank behind them.

Did you see that JP Morgan is now forecasting 9.5 unemployment for 2012?


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