Here's a great article about the current record holder for the title of oldest banker in the US. It is a very fascinating story, with a few small snacks for a lifetime. The whole moral of any type of story like this is that it pays to listen to what old timers have to say, and it also pays to examine their lives and to model the parts that make them successful, not just in business but in life. As a young kid thrown into the pits, I sought out and asked for advice from the grizzled old guys who started trading as early as the late 1920s - early 1930s (there were still a few of them around). I also learned to ignore the advice of real old clerks, etc. (There was a reason they were old clerks). It was and is my contention that if someone is a speculator for 40+ years, no matter what, he's a success if he's still in the game. They had seen it all and done it all, and I will say that taking some of advice is the difference between a 2 year speculation career and a 40 year career. Rich or poor, or in between, a 40 year veteran is going to have a superb defensive game, and a strong defense is more important to longevity than a great offense (in my opinion).


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