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Sept. 6 (Bloomberg) — Hewlett-Packard Co. is being investigated by California's attorney general to determine whether the company broke the law in discovering the identities of board members who leaked confidential information to the media. (.. ) Fiorina, who was fired after more than five years, said her ouster came after she had a "fundamental disagreement" with board members about management changes they sought. In October 2005, she criticized unnamed directors for providing details of discussions that took place in January of that year to the media. "When confidential board conversations become public and what should stay inside the boardroom goes outside the boardroom, then a very important bond of trust is broken," Fiorina said in response to a question after a speech at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Oct. 7.

The boardroom antics
at HP never end. It's
like she never left.

She threatened Deutsche Bank,
and table-hopped at Davos.
Carly's "bond of trust"?

HPQ's leakers
forgot the obvious choice.
Dude! Use a pay phone!

Sam Humbert adds:

A coup in progress?
She's hearing whispers from her
hair and makeup guy.


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