Incumbent Presidents voted out of office, either at the general election or by their party's convention (as noted):

John Adams                       Federalist                            1800
John Quincy Adams            Democrat-Republican           1828
Martin Van Buren               Democrat                            1840

John Tyler                         Whig                                  

(A 2-time loser; the Whigs failed to renominate him,
and his own party lost in the general election)

Millard Fillmore                  Whig                                   1852      

(Fillmore wanted to run for re-election but his party
denied him the nomination)

Franklin Pierce                  Democrat                             1856       (same as Fillmore)

James Buchanan               Democrat                             1860

Chester Arthur (?)             Republican                           1884    

(Arthur allowed himself to be nominated at the convention; but he was
severely ill — he died 2 years later — so this really should not count)

Grover Cleveland               Democrat                            1888

William Taft                       Republican                          1912

Herbert Hoover                 Republican                           1932

George H.W. Bush             Republican                           1992

You could add these names too:

Harry Truman                   Democrat                             1952

Lyndon Johnson               Democrat                              1968

Both were eligible to run for re-election but decline to do so because they would have almost certainly have lost.


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