Here's a laughable op-ed piece from the Oracle of Omaha with the title, "Stop Coddling the Super Rich." In the essay, he tries to perpetrate and extend, to quote the Chair, "The idea that has the world in its grip." Buffett wishes to immediately raise tax rates on those making more than a million a year. He says that super rich wouldn't mind if they "were told that they had to pay more taxes…particularly when so many of their fellow citizens are suffering."

The hidden motive in this op-ed is that he wishes to create conditions that will bring more customers to his business. Like General Electric lobbying the government to ban 100 watt incandescent light bulbs in order to sell the new ones with the higher margins, the Oracle is lobbying everyone in order to benefit his book. And his folksy, aw-shucks demeanor, his phoney populist theme, is winning over a lot of people. The Oracle is constantly quoted and cited by the statists as an example of someone who is rich and feels that we could be doing more for the government .


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